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Quentin Tarantino attends Dynamite 10th Anniversary Panel in SDCC 2014

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Ben Whishaw in Cloud Atlas

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 extreme duckface

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I was supposed to meet one of Showtime’s PR team for some tickets when suddenly I was all but ambushed by the cast of my favorite show.

(Here’s the actual good verison of the photo)

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"The more you can feel that everything’s going to be all right, the more you can truly embrace that belief, the freer you are. Do not be desperate. Do not be needy. Climb the ladder because you fancy it, because it might be quite nice, because you choose to. Desperation is destructive. Trying too hard will ruin you. You must live with ease. Don’t need it, want it."
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I live in New York and I love it, because it doesn’t make me feel like my life is always just about acting and that world of acting. I don’t have expectations.

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